Mountain Mornings

Red Sky at Morning

Oh com’on, 2022, let’s get this show on the road! By sheer force of will, this weary world would readily dissolve the afflictions, delays, and shortages that have slopped over into this new year. That’s evident in our can-do-itivity, continually generating fixes and workarounds to move us ahead.

On a similar thread, haven’t we almost all had enough bickering and blame to gladly ban both forever? Maybe redirect that energy and go all supportive/helpful on one another for a change as we create a sturdier “normal” and get back to the business of living?

As for getting along, here in the North Georgia Mountains, the enormous influx of people popping in to work “from here” in 2020 grew into a surprisingly large number of new residents by the end of 2021. Seemed like anything that warranted a certificate of occupancy was sold to the highest bidder—an HGTV fixer-series waiting to happen.

Almost a decade and a half after the last one, another building boom is budding, both residentially and commercially. It’s exciting and a smidge scary. Fortunately, many of our communities have enacted safeguards to guide how we grow, and to defend our cherished mountain aesthetic.

That’s reassuring to new neighbors, old timers, and those of us long-residing but forever-from-elsewhere folk. We all share a deep appreciation for the splendor of the southern Blue Ridge range. And so many other things! As we lay that universal cornerstone, common ground, we find ways to agreements, and build on them. It’s worked for 245 years, so . . .

So, are we finally, really rounding that pandemic corner? Well, aren’t we always rounding some corner or another? Together we’ll get there. We always do.